Launching at CES 2017!

Existence Technology VR Goggles - G04

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Existence Technology VR Goggles - Model G04

  • 110° Angle Broad Vision

  • High Fidelity Headphones

  • Removable Headphones

  • Touch Screen Button


Item Size:190*130*90 mm
Material: ABS (RoHS)
Color: Black/White OEM
Lens: HD Optical Resin Lens
Lens Diameter: 42mm
FOV: 70°- 90°   IPD: 58mm ~ 72mm
Pupil Distance: Adjustable 
Focus Distance: Adjustable
Phone Support: 3.5" - 6.0"(max size 83*163mm)
Headphone and headband removable
With HIFI headphone, high quality voice!                                                                       
With touch button for google cardboard APP